(Washington, D.C.) February 22, 2022 – The i-71 Committee, a new coalition of D.C. cannabis industry leaders committed to helping pass equitable, fair and socially conscious legalization legislation in Washington and in the federal sphere, is proud to announce its official launch and new nonprofit status.

The i-71 Committee has secured a [501(c)(6)] status, an important nonprofit designation reserved for business leagues aimed at improving business conditions in a particular sector. Supported by such organizations as Gentleman Toker and Urban Aroma, the committee serves a diverse industry, and its new nonprofit status will be instrumental in achieving its goal of ensuring DC’s established cannabis businesses are given a voice in equitable policy-making around legal marijuana sales in the District of Columbia. The i-71 Committee is supported by Washington DC i-71 businesses, including Peace in The Air, Lucky Chuckie, Legacy DC, Gifted Curators, All The Buzz, G House and more.

The i-71 Committee also announces plans to dedicate itself to community-building and philanthropic work in the District. In January, it hosted “Gifting Back with Paperbacks,” a highly successful fundraiser that raised over $4,500 for DC Books to Prisons, which provides free books to prisoners and supports prison libraries. This month, the committee will convene a panel of cannabis industry experts and city officials, including Councilmember Christina Henderson, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Deputy Chief of Staff Tomas Talamante, DC Vote Executive Director Bo Shuff, Gentleman Toker Founder Joe Tierney and more to discuss the future of socially equitable legalization.

“We’re really excited to continue our advocacy work fighting for the rights of i-71 small businesses and their employees,” says i-71 Committee Executive Director Grace Reeder. “We firmly believe that DC has the opportunity to lead the nation in establishing a recreational cannabis industry that centers equity, social justice, and opportunity for all.”

Darel Dawson, president of the committee, adds: “I am excited to see a unified peaceful transition of responsibilities in a market that has done so much for so many, and previously victimized so many. I am incredibly optimistic about our future and growth in the District.”

To learn more about the committee, visit www.thei71committee.org and follow them on instagram at @thei71committee.

About the i-71 Committee: The i-71 Committee is a not-for-profit coalition of citizens, industry leaders and stakeholders who are committed to working alongside the DC Council to pass equitable, fair, and socially conscious cannabis legislation. In the 2014 election, DC voters successfully passed Initiative 71 (i-71), which permitted DC residents 21 and up to carry up to two ounces of marijuana and allowed for them to possess and cultivate up to three marijuana plants. However, due to DC’s lack of statehood and impositions made by Congress, the city has not been able to mandate the expenditure of city funds for Initiative 71. The i-71 Committee is helping to ensure that local stakeholders have their voices represented in any cannabis legislation, both locally and federally while showcasing the importance of providing protections for current i-71 businesses.

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