Medical Marijuana Self-Certification Emergency Amendment Act of 2022

i-71 Committee  OFFICIAL PRESS STATEMENT  Executive Director, Grace Reeder We, the members of The i-71 Committee, are in full support of the legislation, the Medical Marijuana Self-Certification Emergency Amendment Act of 2022, being voted on by D.C. Council this Tuesday, allowing residents to self-certify their own eligibility for medical cannabis. Legacy Cannabis Business Owners Are […]

NAACP DC Branch Announcement

The NAACP DC Branch strongly opposes emergency legislation Medical Marijuana Patient Access Supplemental Extension and Civil Enforcement Emergency Amendment Act to impose civil penalties for Initiative 71 businesses.

Federal Cannabis Reform – Is 2022 the Year?

Hope soared with the possibility of federal cannabis reform in 2021.  And for good reason –  the induction of a new, more liberal administration, rapid state-level legalization, broad support by Americans,[1] and growing bipartisan backing led many to believe that 2021 was going to be the year where federal decriminalization of cannabis would become a reality. […]

Democratic-led Congress keeps ban on D.C. weed

Democrats may have control of Congress, but Washington, D.C. will not regain control of its weed industry this year. The District will have to wait at least one more year before it can tax and regulate an adult-use cannabis market, despite hopes that Democratic majorities in the House and Senate would lift the limitations placed […]

Congress keeps ban on legal D.C. marijuana sales in budget, despite Democratic control

In a major setback to D.C. leaders, Congress retained a provision preventing the city from commercializing marijuana in the omnibus spending package it unveiled Wednesday, dashing the city’s hopes for pushing through legislation to regulate recreational pot. The spending package also retained a long-standing rider — a type of restriction on how funds can be […]

D.C.’s Marijuana ‘Gifters’ Are Stepping Into The Political Arena

It had all the trappings of any Washington party thrown by a trade group: free drinks on a swanky rooftop bar with a view of the U.S. Capitol, plenty of networking, and a panel discussion. But the free marijuana handed out to guests at the end of the night was a hint this was something […]