Vast Majority of D.C. Voters Don’t Want D.C. Council to Shut Down i-71 Gifting Shops, Polling Finds

(Washington, D.C.) September 22, 2022 – The i-71 Committee releases new public opinion polling today that shows consensus support for i-71 gifting shops or “legacy operators” among D.C. voters. The research, conducted by renowned President Obama pollster Cornell Belcher’s brilliant corners Research & Strategies, between September 6th and September 12th, included 610 telephone interviews with […]

The i-71 Committee’s Official Statement Regarding ABRA’s

Announcement of a Joint Cannabis Task Force Initiative 71 created one of the most dynamic and racially diverse cannabis industries in the nation. The i-71 Committee is committed to continuing to work with the D.C. Council to build a pathway for social equity in our cannabis industry. The recent actions of ABRA and the abrupt […]