About Tim

Tim Slayton


Tim Slay is a long-time cannabis advocate and graduate of Howard University’s School of Business. Tim began his career working in the corporate setting, before transitioning to the service industry, where he worked as a bartender for many years. Tim entered the cannabis industry after bars closed during spring 2020, at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, when he began to work for a local cannabis website.

Tim quickly became a leader in DC’s cannabis scene. He has gone on to help several small businesses implement strong business strategies to ensure a smooth transition from the legacy market to the regulated cannabis industry. He was instrumental in the creation of strong safety plans for many i71 gifting shops, in addition to establishing diversity programs to ensure that those who suffered the most under cannabis prohibition were able to succeed in the traditional cannabis industry. Tim brings a diverse skill set, as well as a love for cannabis and business, to his work with the i-71 Committee.

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