About Alex

Alex Youssef


Alex Youssef is the Secretary of the i-71 Committee, a 501(c)6 organization committed to passing equitable, fair, and socially conscious cannabis legislation in the District of Columbia. Born and raised in DC and Maryland, they spent time in both Fine Arts and English programs in college, then started working in Communications for Planned Parenthood, turning their passion for reproductive rights and access to abortion care into a career. After their work at Planned Parenthood, they held numerous roles in organizations dedicated to advocating for equitable medical care for marginalized communities, including the National Abortion Federation and GLAM: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality. After leaving the nonprofit world, they embarked on a decade-long tenure in the service industry. At the beginning of the pandemic, they transitioned from the service industry to a management role at a local art gallery that provides cannabis gifts.

Alex is involved with mutual aid in their own community, with a focus in food sovereignty and equity in agriculture, and is passionate about the fight for DC Statehood, equitable, community-driven cannabis legislation, and protections for employees, especially the growing population of undocumented workers in Washington, DC.

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